Creating the Rules List is already a start for me and everypony else!

1} Do not use any rude or offensive language while in the Chat.Edit
2} Don't hurt anypony's feelings (Please)Edit
3} Have a great and fun time while chatting to other users!Edit
4} If anypony did disobey these Chat Rules, than inform me on my Talk Page please!Edit
5} DO NOT SPAM, Don't use the F or the D word but you are allowed to use other words!!!Edit
6} Do not make Princess Celestia or Luna banish you for a thousand years!!!!Edit

Chat Mods:Edit

If you see a Troll or a Spammer do the following ban them depending on their bad behaviours:Edit
1) Rollplay even after being warned and told to stop!Edit
2) Constant Trolling of Users.Edit
3) Spammers who:Edit
a) Spam their Username constantlyEdit
b) Don't listen to the Admins or Chat Mods.Edit