Wiki policies

Please do not do any of the following:

  • Please, do not link inappropriate Youtube videos or any inappropriate videos, music from any music or video sharing site, as well as excessive violence, gore, sexual, or NSWF material.
  • No links to any inappropriate sites. 
  • No cussing, as well as censored, or abbreviated swears
  • Do not flood the Chatroom with excessive posts, ASCII art, song lyrics, nonsense..
  • Please, don't use excessive caps or any non-English words
  • Don't overuse emotes/spam emotes.
  • Do not link other chatrooms
  • Do not advertise either


          Do Not: 

  • Harass any users, in any manner
  • Do not bully any users
  • Do not give out personal information or ask for it either
  • Please, don't talk in a way that will make users feel offended.
  • Don't troll
  • Don't bring real life drama, but if it is an emergency.. then please take it to a PM
  • Do not do any excessive role-play
  • Use emotes in a harsh manner
  • Do not mini-mod
  • Jorge, please do not excessively snuggle, cuddle or kiss users.. 


If an Admin or a Moderator bans you, they had a good reason to, just wait out your ban and come back to the Chat once you're sure you've learned your lesson, also do not evade bans with another account, that will only cause you to get a longer ban on both your accounts. 

    Guidelines for Moderators:

  • Moderators shouldn't feel as if they are above any other user
  • Please, do not ban a user right away, unless you know it's a troll who's only asking for trouble.
  • Give a warning before a kick, so that's fair or even a ban
  • If, there is a user who is a sockpuppet, spamming or even making offensive or ignoring warnings, please ban them
  • Under any circumstance, do not use threats to make a point
  • Please, keep bans short..unless it is a troll
  • If there is any disagreement on the bans, talk to the other moderators and try to come on an agreeable ban length. 

Kickin' and Bannin'